January 3- January 7, 2021

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Second Sunday after Christmas Day

January 3 – January 10



“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.” Ephesians 1:7



Almighty God, look upon our lives and cause all darkness and doubt to vanish beneath your gaze. Look upon our ministry and banish all barriers to effectiveness and faithfulness. Fill our lives and ministries with your Holy Spirit to the end that we may this day be led into paths of fruitful service. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.



[Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.]


1.3 Second Sunday after Christmas Day

10:00 am Worship [Romans 10: 9 - 10]


1.4 PRC

6:30 p.m.

1.10 First Sunday after the Epiphany

10:00 a.m. Worship [Matthew 6: 9-13]


Annual Meeting

Our church Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 31. We will meet after that Sunday’s worship service.


Gospel of Mark Challenge for 2021

The lectionary is divided into three years: Year A, Year B, and Year C. Each year has a corresponding Gospel. Advent began Year B and the corresponding gospel is Mark. Why not challenge yourself to read Mark a minimum of 12 times this year? Journal the things that God calls to your mind in reading. If you sow in Mark, you will indeed reap something bountiful. It will be time well spent!


New Sermon Series:

This Sunday, January 3, we will start a 12 - week series of sermons on the Apostles Creed. We will end on Psalm Sunday. I will not be preaching the creed; but will be teaching the scripture the creed reflects. Creeds do not have authority in themselves, but in the Scriptures they reflect. This trinitarian, ecumenical creed has been recited by church for thousands of years. It was memorized and recited by early Christians on the day of their baptism. We will use it as a foundation for our faith in Jesus. Pray this series of sermons will serve as a tool to round out your faith.


January Birthdays and Anniversaries

1.2 Lauren Valcin

1.7 Emily Ott

1.9 Chris Jackson

1.23 Rod Matthews

1.24 Henry Grubb

1.25 Rick Valcin

1.26 Laurance Valcin

1.27 Samantha Routley


Weekly Scripture Meditation [ 1.10.21]

The church in invited to participate in reading and meditating on the lectionary texts for the upcoming Sunday. The texts for Sunday, January 10 are as follows: Genesis 1: 1-15, Psalm 29, Acts 19:1-7, Mark: 1:4-11


Bible Study Proposal

Have you been in Sunday school and had questions you just did not want to voice, heard a sermon and just had more questions? Have you had questions about God, life, the Bible, the world, science? We would love to hear those questions and answer those questions!

Here is the proposal - Questions could be sent electronically to Linda OR dropped off in the offering plate. The questions would be collected and assembled by Linda and only the questions would be presented to Pastor Tim and Hector. There would be time to review scripture and study. Depending on how many questions there are, there is potential to start a study in February 2021 and share responses via teleconference for Bible study using GoToMeeting. Potentially three, four, or five questions would be covered depending on the depth and breadth of the question. This could be the second and fourth Sunday of the month going 6:30PM to 7:30PM. What are your thoughts? Are you interested? Please send your response to Linda with “YES” I am interested along with comments/questions, or “NO” and provide further information with potential ideas or suggestions.


Praise Letter from Bangkok

Dear Pastor Tim and Faithful Friends at First Baptist Dubuque,


I have told you in previous emails our need to start a class for the new women who have come to NightLight over the past several months. I have also told you how they were really into the Christmas story. Today I am excited to tell you that this week I did more than introduce Jesus as a class, but I had the privilege of introducing Jesus as Lord and Savior to “L”.

“L” is the first of this group of newer women at NightLight to decide to believe in Jesus and follow Him! Praise God!

I reminded her that, if she really wants me to lead her in a prayer to receive Jesus as her Savior and Lord, she would have to get rid of all her idols and amulets. I didn’t even get to finish my normal “pre-salvation-prayer-speech” when she said, “Of course, I will get rid of them.” I continued in my “pre-salvation-prayer-speech” mode which I have done with all the women explaining why she just can’t put Jesus up on the shelf with other gods. But before I could even finish that part, she jumped in and said, “I know. I don’t want the others. I only want Jesus.” Wow! I started to open my mouth again to say more of what I normally say and she said, “I’m ready.” (Also it was Jesus’ way of saying to me “move it along, she’s ready” - hahaha - Jesus is funny!)

So she prayed along with me and “L” received Jesus as Savior and Lord - the first to go from introducing Jesus as a class to introducing Jesus as Savior and Lord. Woohoo!

Please pray for “L’s” ongoing new life in Christ and her ongoing discipleship. Pray that others will come to Jesus soon and not just come to class!

Thank you so much for your financial support and prayer support which gives us more opportunity to bring more women like “L” (and “J” and “M” from the other emails) and all the other alphabets to know and believe in JC!


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